Priya Varrier Is Back With A New Viral Video, This Time It’s a Kiss!

Overnight went viral, Priya Prakash Varrier became an internet sensation when her video was uploaded on Youtube. On that video, Priya winked at her classmate. That small clipping hit the internet so hard that changed Priya’s life.

“First She Will Wink At You!”

“Then She Will Shoot You!”

“Then She Will Kiss You!”

Soon after that, one more video went viral of Priya shooting the same classmate. These back to back videos made these kids talk of the town. Both the boy and girl were invited to countless shows to perform the same act again and again.

Now in 2019, Priya is not in a mood to make us erase her memories from our mind. Priya Varrier is back with a new video this time you are going to see her kissing the same classmate.

Watch it here, Priya Varrier Viral Kissing Video: