Rajamouli Drops Big Announcement: ‘Baahubali: Crown Of Blood’

The plans were buzzing around for quite some time about extending the epic saga of “Baahubali” beyond the silver screen. SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus had left audiences craving for more, and it seemed like a natural progression to delve deeper into its rich universe. Initially, there was talk of a live-action series based on the franchise, with Anand Neelakanta’s book, “The Rise Of Sivagami,” serving as the source material for a web series titled “Baahubali: Before the Beginning.” However, Netflix shelved the project after filming a few episodes, leaving fans in anticipation.

But hold on to your swords, as there’s a massive update on the horizon! Instead of pursuing the live-action route, the creative minds behind Baahubali have opted for an animated web series titled “Baahubali: Crown Of Blood.” Making its grand debut on Disney+Hotstar, SS Rajamouli himself has teased the imminent release of the series trailer. Sources suggest that the digital streaming platform will premiere the series sometime in the second week of May.

SS Rajamouli Announces ‘Baahubali: Crown Of Blood’

For ardent fans of the franchise, this announcement is nothing short of a dream come true. The prospect of diving back into the world of Baahubali, albeit in animated form, has ignited excitement across the board. However, some enthusiasts may express a twinge of disappointment at the decision to go animated instead of pursuing the grandeur of live-action storytelling.

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Nevertheless, with Rajamouli at the helm and the promise of a captivating narrative, “Baahubali: Crown Of Blood” is poised to reignite the fervor of fans and captivate audiences anew. Stay tuned for the unveiling of the trailer and mark your calendars for a journey back to the kingdom of Mahishmati!