Tiger 3 Trailer Out! Salman Khan Faces Emraan Hashmi With Jaw-Dropping Action Sequences

The highly anticipated trailer for “Tiger 3,” starring Salman Khan, Emraan Hashmi, and Katrina Kaif, has been released. This movie is the third installment in the popular Tiger series, part of the Yash Raj Films’ spy universe. The trailer was unveiled on October 16 at noon.

Possible Storyline of Tiger 3

The story begins with Tiger, played by Salman Khan, leading a happy family life with his wife (Katrina Kaif) and son. However, it quickly becomes clear that a formidable villain is determined to make Tiger’s life a nightmare. Revathy appears to take on the role of Tiger’s new boss in the intelligence agency, replacing the late Girish Karnad.

Intriguingly, the identity of the villain is kept a secret, with only their voice heard. Salman Khan portrays various facets of his character, from a loving father to a courageous hero.

Emraan Hashmi First Look in Tiger 3 Revelead in Tiger 3 Trailer.

Tiger finds himself in a series of challenging situations, as the Pakistani villain seeks revenge. His son is seemingly taken, his wife fights valiantly, and Tiger engages in intense action sequences. This time, the stakes are personal.

In a dramatic climax, we discover that the mysterious villain is played by Emraan Hashmi. Emraan’s character welcomes us to Pakistan in a surprising new appearance – bearded, grey-haired, and weathered.

Watch Tiger 3 Trailer Here:

Audience Reaction

“So happy to see Emraan Hashmi in a big action movie after a long time. He’s a very talented actor and deserves more appreciation.”

“I am more excited for Emraan Hashmi role than Salman’s….Emraan will definitely win hearts with his fabulous acting”

“Not just a movie, it’s a Diwali celebration for fans, Goosebumps in bonus🔥”

“First glimpse of Emraan Hashmi gave me goosebumps… But i had to wait for 2 more minutes for his look… I m a big big fan of Emraan….😍😍😍”

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Tiger 3 Release Date

Reports suggest that Shah Rukh Khan will make a special appearance as Pathaan in the movie, though this is not hinted at in the trailer. Directed by Maneesh Sharma, “Tiger 3” is scheduled to hit theaters on Diwali, November 12.