Here is a Perfect Tribute to Mirza Ghalib by Berklee Music Students


The flawless poet of Mughal empire, Mirza Ghalib is truly an inspiration for every person who loves to write. Especially, if you love Urdu language. And his work deserves much more than we can ever give. He is one such poet and the reason behind the recognition of Urdu language.

mirza ghalib

One of his evergreen and amazing poetries titled ‘Arz-E-Niyaz’  has became an orginal music composition.

One of the most soulful verses by Mirza Ghalib gave inspiration to these young students of ‘Berklee Indian Ensemble’ an inspiration to compose an extremely brilliant composition.

The verses are as follow of Arz-E-Niyaz by Mirza Ghalib are:

“arz-e-niyāz-e-ishq ke qābil nahīñ rahā
jis dil pe naaz thā mujhe vo dil nahīñ rahā”

(The heart with which I could claim to offer the submission of love does not remain.
The passionate heart I used to pride myself on- that did not remain.)

Mirza Ghalib is undoubtedly one of the finest poets to get birth. He beautifully string the pearls called words together in Urdu and Persian language. A composer of many shayaris and poems in his native languages for Mughals. It has been a long time as he is gone, his poems and shayaris are being remembered by people. And one of his greatest poems has got the music from the students of Berklee College of Music.

A video uploaded by Berklee College of Music is a beautiful tribute to Mirza Ghalib on his birth anniversary by the Berklee Indian Ensemble. The original songs was a composition by Sashank Navaladi and features renowned singer Vijay Prakash. It has magic of Urdu language and the sweet melodious voice of the singers of the students of Berklee Indian Ensemble.

And it is indeed the best musical score by them. And it is so beautiful that you will get goosebumps for sure.

Check out the video: