Did You Hear the Unplugged Version of Song ‘Deewani Mastani’? If Not Then You Should Now!


MTV Unplugged is like a magical mixture. If you hear a song in unplugged, I bet you cannot resist adding it to your playlist and listening to it on repeat mode!


Last time, A. R. Rahman’s magical voice with his cult classic ‘Urvasi’ song took our breath away. And this time, we have Shreya Ghoshal. Shreya Ghoshal performed in Unplugged on January 19th and sung one of her best songs, ‘Deewani Mastani’.

And people are just loving the unplugged version of Deewani Mastani:

They just loved it!

Her voice is indeed magical

On repeat mode

Totally blown away

Same here

Every episode has a whole new level!

It is so brilliant

Repeat mode, I told you!

Magic is in the air, man!

Now, listen to the mind numbing song!