Why Dev Patel’s Monkey Man Release is Delayed in India – Explained!

Monkey Man Release is Delayed in India: Dev Patel’s much-anticipated film, Monkey Man, directed by Patel himself, has faced a delay in its release in India. Initially set for a worldwide premiere on April 5 and an Indian release on April 19, the film’s launch has been halted due to concerns raised by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) in India.

Reason Why Dev Patel’s Monkey Man Release is Delayed in India

The CBFC has cited reasons such as intense violence, sexual scenes, and references to Hindu religion and mythology for the delay. Reports earlier suggested a clash with other upcoming films for the delay, but sources close to the matter clarified that the main hurdle is obtaining clearance from the CBFC.

SHowing Hindu Religion in Dev Patel's Monkey Man cause delay of the movie.

The film’s content, which includes violence and sensitive religious references, has prompted fears that it might offend certain sections of the audience. Additionally, adjustments requested by the CBFC need approval from Universal Studios in the USA before the film can be released in India.

Monkey Man Delayed in India HUrting Hindu Sentiments or Hitting BJP Indirectly?

There’s uncertainty surrounding the release date; if the censorship process concludes in time, Monkey Man might hit the screens on April 19; otherwise, it could be delayed to April 26.

Concerns also arose regarding the portrayal of political symbols in the film, specifically saffron flags, which were changed to red in updated trailers. This change sparked discussions on social media platforms, with some interpreting it as a political statement.

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Watch Monkey Man Trailer Here:

While there are claims that the film is not ‘Hinduphobic’, it’s evident that adjustments have been made to avoid controversy in India. Universal Pictures India initially announced the film’s release date, but recent trailers and booking options have been removed from platforms like BookMyShow.

In essence, Monkey Man’s release in India is on hold pending approval from the CBFC, and possible edits to ensure it aligns with cultural sensitivities and regulations.