Five Bold WWE Royal Rumble Predictions

In the world of WWE, the adage “anything can happen” is more than just a catchphrase – it’s a promise that has delivered memorable moments throughout the years. With the Royal Rumble on the horizon, the stage is set for potential surprises and game-changing events. Here are five bold predictions that could unfold at the upcoming Royal Rumble event.

5. Dakota Kai Emerges Victorious in the Women’s Royal Rumble Match

While not the most mainstream choice, Dakota Kai has quietly proven herself as a standout performer in NXT. Despite being sidelined with an injury, Kai has played a crucial role in the tumultuous dynamics of Damage CTRL. As the tension within the faction escalates, Kai might seize the opportunity to make a shocking return during the Women’s Royal Rumble match, throwing a wrench into the existing storyline. A Triple Threat match at WrestleMania between the original Damage CTRL members for the SmackDown Women’s Championship could be a compelling narrative, making this prediction a bold but plausible one.

4. Brock Lesnar Dominates Gunther in the Rumble

The clash between Brock Lesnar and Gunther has been teased before, and the Royal Rumble could be the perfect stage for their showdown. As Gunther continues his dominant run, Lesnar’s return to the WWE could be imminent. When their paths cross in the Royal Rumble match, Lesnar could assert his dominance, potentially leading to a future Intercontinental Championship challenge. This bold prediction sets the stage for a compelling rivalry between two powerhouses.

3. Jazz Makes a Surprising Rumble Return

A trailblazer in women’s wrestling, Jazz could shock the WWE Universe with a surprise return at the Royal Rumble. Despite past disagreements with the company, circumstances change, and a potential return under new management could be on the cards. If Jazz’s familiar theme music hits during the Royal Rumble match, it would undoubtedly create a memorable moment and pay homage to her contributions to the industry.

2. TNA World Champion Moose Appears in the Royal Rumble Match

The concept of the Forbidden Door has already been slightly ajar with Impact Knockouts Champion Mickie James appearing in the 2022 Women’s Royal Rumble match. Building on this, the WWE might make another bold move by welcoming TNA World Champion Moose into the Royal Rumble match. This unexpected crossover could generate significant buzz and open the door for future collaborations between the two promotions.

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1. The Viper Takes His Place at the Head of the Table

In a surprising turn of events, The Rock interferes in Roman Reigns’ championship defense at the Royal Rumble, setting the stage for a future showdown. The Rock’s involvement doesn’t come as a Rumble entrant but as an outsider, impacting the championship bout. Meanwhile, Randy Orton could craft his own compelling narrative, battling back from injury to become a 15-time World Champion. This could culminate in a captivating storyline between Orton and his former protégé, Cody Rhodes, who secures his second Royal Rumble victory in two years.

These bold predictions offer a glimpse into the unpredictable nature of the WWE, where unexpected twists and turns keep fans on the edge of their seats.