How to make a watermelon from paper plates

Watermelon, As we all know, is a seasonal fruit rich in large water and vitamin A, B, and C, which gives a refreshing taste. Apart from its refreshing taste, it’s colorful too, which makes it useful for color recognition in small kids. Check out these simple steps to make watermelon from a paper plate.


How to make paper plate watermelon:


(1) One watermelon slice to show the colors to kids
(2) Round paper plates
(3) Red and green paint
(4) Paintbrush
(5) Glue
(6) Scissors
(7) A round bowl
(8) Some watermelon seeds or Black color paint/sketch color.

Procedure: Let’s start making our paper plate watermelon:
(1) Take a round paper plate and with the help of a round bowl makes a circle in the middle of your paper plate and after that make a line across the middle of the paper plate.
(2) Now with the help of scissors cut the plate into halves.
(3) Now take one-half of the paper plate for coloring with the help of a paintbrush. Paint the outer semi-circle with green and the inner semi-circle with red color. Let the color dry.
(4) Now it’s time to make seeds, take out some glue, and make dots of glue on the red part of the watermelon. Now paste one seed on one dot made by glue on the red part.
(5) After pasting all the seeds you will get a bright-colored slice of watermelon.
(6) Let the paper plate watermelon dry.

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