Netflix will Stram WWE Raw in This Jaw-Dropping Deal!

In a monumental move, WWE’s flagship weekly program, “Raw,” is poised to make its streaming debut on Netflix every Monday night beginning January 2025. The recently announced deal, valued at over $5 billion and spanning a decade, signifies a groundbreaking shift in the entertainment landscape.

Originally airing on the USA Network in 1993 and later transitioning to TNN in 2000, “Raw” returned to the USA Network in 2005, evolving into a three-hour program in 2012. This transformative move to Netflix marks a significant chapter in the show’s storied history.

The groundbreaking deal also involves “SmackDown,” WWE’s Friday night program on Fox, which is set to relocate to the USA Network in October. This strategic move comes as part of a substantial five-year agreement, amounting to approximately $1.4 billion.

In an exciting development, Netflix, as part of its collaboration with WWE, plans to leverage the wrestling promotion’s intellectual property to create scripted television shows and films. WWE president Nick Khan expressed confidence in Netflix’s storytelling prowess, emphasizing the streaming giant as the ideal long-term home for “Raw” and its dedicated and expanding fan base.

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As of now, WWE’s premium live events are streamed on Peacock, a platform under NBC Universal, the parent company of the USA Network. Both WWE and UFC fall under the umbrella of TKO Group Holdings Inc., a publicly traded company.

This groundbreaking move to Netflix not only reshapes the viewing experience for WWE fans but also underscores the increasing intersection of traditional sports entertainment and digital streaming platforms. As the anticipation builds for this revolutionary partnership, wrestling enthusiasts can look forward to a new era of WWE content on Netflix.