This is What Gaurav Chopra Revealed About Bigg Boss After His Eviction


The New Year has not been a good start for the fans of Gaurav Chopra. The actor got evicted from Bigg Boss house recently. Though his elimination was a surprise for many people as Mona Lisa and VJ Bani were also in danger zone. And people were expecting Mona Lisa to be eliminated. But unfortunately, Gaurav Chopra was eliminated.


However, the actor is not sad or something about the eviction. In fact, he is happy that he has been in the house for so many days. And played the game with dignity.

In a candid interview with Mid-Day, Gaurav Chopra revealed some things about the Bigg Boss House. He said,

“I didn’t go with an agenda. I am glad I kept my dignity when I got eliminated. It was an honour to see people expressing their love for me on Twitter. I was trending on Twitter on No. 1 spot.”


He also disclosed important points of the contract to enter in Bigg Boss:

“According to the contract, we weren’t allowed to talk about religion or politics, speak in English, get violent or physical. Before entering the house, I asked the makers to assure I would be safe inside the house. The fights that happen on Bigg Boss are real. You have no idea how dangerous it can be.”


He also said, he was not at all artificial inside the house. He was just himself all the time. And according to him, whatever happens in the house is completely real.

“The house plays with your head and for people, who are desperate for attention and footage, this is dangerous game to play.”

As Bani and Gaurav were good friends in the house, Gaurav tweeted a photo of Bani with his shirt and a sentimental message, saying,

“Just saw this and …. …..Yes these are mine.. I’m there at least in spirit with her. We are going to miss this friendship.”


Source: Mid-Day