Getting Over New Update of Whatsapp is Pretty Hard For People


Who doesn’t use Whatsapp nowadays? And Mark Zuckerburg turned the only app to have some privacy into a totally worst app. To be very honest, I am one of those, who hate the app after the recent update. I mean after turning Instagram into Snapchat, they converted the only good thing into another Snapchat like application and people just hate it!


I am pretty sure, there is hardly any person who like this new update. It was the only app which used to have some privacy and now it is also lost with the new update which shows status as stories.

Here is how people reacted to the worst update version of Whatsapp:

1. True story

2. Let’s find new friend on Whatsapp also

3. I want it back

4. I guess, Twitter?

5. Seriously man!

6. Sums up pretty much everything

7. This is what happens when you try to copy

8. Cries in the corner

9. Because you have to look sanskari on Whatsapp