Charissa Thompson Admits To Creating Fake Reports During NFL Sideline Reporting

Charissa Thompson, a host on Fox Sports and Amazon Prime Video, confessed to making up some details in her sideline reports during her time covering NFL games. Speaking on the “Pardon My Take” podcast, Thompson explained that she occasionally fabricated information when coaches didn’t provide details before or after halftime. She justified this by stating that coaches wouldn’t correct generic statements like needing to improve on third down or reduce turnovers.

What’s The Criticism?

Thompson faced criticism from fellow reporters who argued that her admission damaged the credibility of the profession and broke the trust of coaches. ESPN’s Molly McGrath emphasized the importance of honesty in reporting, especially when handling sensitive information. The Athletic’s Chris Kirschner expressed disbelief at Thompson’s pride in admitting such behavior, deeming it unethical and potentially career-ending. Former U.S. soccer star Taylor Twellman called it a “bad look” for the profession, stating that dishonesty hurts the hardworking reporters who earn respect in the field.

Past Confession Charissa Thompson

This isn’t the first time Thompson has spoken about making up reports. In her 2022 “Calm Down” podcast, she revealed a similar practice and mentioned that Fox Sports’ Erin Andrews shared a similar approach for coaches they didn’t want to criticize.