Hema Malini Playfully Teases Jaya Bachchan’s Iconic Role on Koffee With Karan 8

Zeenat Aman and Neetu Kapoor brought elegance to Koffee With Karan 8, where host Karan Johar delved into discussions about veteran actress Jaya Bachchan. Amidst sharing anecdotes, Neetu Kapoor offered a different perspective on Jaya’s public image. In the same episode, Hema Malini lightheartedly poked fun at one of Jaya Bachchan’s iconic roles in their movies.

Koffee With Karan 8: Hema Malini’s Hilarious Dig at Jaya Bachchan’s Iconic Role

In the recent Koffee With Karan 8 episode, following Neetu Kapoor’s insights into Jaya Bachchan’s interactions with the paparazzi, Karan Johar shared a comical incident involving Hema Malini. Karan revealed how he approached the legendary actress to appear on the show after Neetu Kapoor mentioned her ability to mimic Hema. Hema initially confused Jaya with Jaya Prada and questioned the connection. Karan clarified, mentioning their shared involvement in the film “Sholay.” Hema humorously commented on Jaya Bachchan’s role in the movie, playfully noting her frequent appearances on top with a lamp. Karan praised Hema’s candid and humorous nature, emphasizing her honesty.

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Neetu Kapoor on Jaya Bachchan Vs. Paparazzi

Neetu Kapoor, who shares a positive equation with Jaya Bachchan, discussed the latter’s interactions with the paparazzi. She suggested that Jaya’s scoldings are intentional and playfully referred to it as a form of ‘mili bhagat,’ which both photographers and Jaya seemingly enjoy. Karan added that Jaya’s candid approach is appreciated, contributing to the lighthearted atmosphere.