Jaya Bachchan’s Confession: Daughter Shweta is My Strength, ‘More Than Son Abhishek’

Jaya Bachchan recently shared some heartwarming words about her daughter, Shweta Bachchan, that caught everyone’s attention. In a candid conversation with Navya Nanda on the first episode of What The Hell Navya season two, Jaya expressed how Shweta is her pillar of strength, even more so than her son, Abhishek Bachchan.

During the show, Navya noticed Shweta being a bit reserved with her opinions on certain topics. When asked about it, Shweta explained that she preferred not to speak on subjects she felt she didn’t know enough about, to avoid sounding uninformed. Navya reassured her, acknowledging her intelligence and the value of her opinions.

Jaya Bachchan: “Shweta Is My Strength”

Jaya, listening to the conversation with a smile, didn’t hesitate to show her love and admiration for her daughter. She reached out to Shweta, saying, “She is my strength.” This heartfelt acknowledgment touched Shweta, who thanked her mother. Jaya went on to explain that Shweta’s support means the world to her, emphasizing that Shweta holds a special place in her heart, perhaps because she’s a woman.

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The genuine bond between Jaya and Shweta, witnessed by Navya and the audience, was truly heartwarming and left everyone feeling touched by their love and appreciation for each other.