Salman Khan’s 58th Birthday: Bobby Deol Reveals Salman’s Nickname!

Salman Khan celebrated his 58th birthday on December 27, 2023, amidst festivities at Arpita Khan’s residence. Bobby Deol, a close friend, was also part of the birthday celebration and shared photos with the actor. However, do you know what Bobby Deol fondly calls Salman Khan?

Bollywood’s Dabangg, Salman Khan, is celebrating his 58th birthday on December 27, 2023. Last night, Salman Khan celebrated his birthday at Arpita Khan’s house, and Bobby Deol, a special friend, was also present, sharing photos with the actor. But do you know what Bobby Deol affectionately calls Salman Khan?

Salman Khan’s 58th Birthday Celebration at Sister Arpita’s House

Entertainment Desk, New Delhi: Salman Khan Birthday Wishes: Bollywood’s Sultan, Salman Khan, is celebrating his 58th birthday. Fans eagerly await his birthday, with a crowd gathering outside his Galaxy Apartment on the night of December 26. Meanwhile, his friends from the film industry also extend numerous birthday wishes to the beloved actor on his special day.

Last night, Salman Khan celebrated his birthday at Arpita Khan’s house, and among his special friends was Bobby Deol. Bobby Deol recently shared glimpses of the birthday party with fans.

Bobby Deol expressed his wishes specially It’s well known how close friends Bobby Deol and Salman Khan are. Bobby Deol, being the son of Dharmendra, credits Salman Khan for bringing his career back on track. Bobby Deol has expressed his gratitude to Salman Khan on multiple occasions. Recently, he became part of Salman Khan’s 58th birthday celebration and shared two photos.

Bobby Deol Wishes Salman Khan and Revealed Salman’s Nickname

In the first photo, Bobby Deol is seen affectionately kissing Salman Khan’s forehead, while in the second photo, both actors strike a pose for the camera. Sharing these photos, Bobby Deol captioned, “Mamu, I love you.” It’s worth noting that Bobby Deol revealed in an earlier interview that he addresses Salman Khan as “Mamu.”

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Fans express gratitude to Salman Khan Fans are showering love on the photos of Salman Khan and Bobby Deol. One user commented, “Both look so handsome, Happy Birthday Salman Khan.” Another user wrote, “Bobby Deol, will you do something for Mamu now?”

Yet another user expressed, “Thank you, Salman Khan, for bringing Lord Bobby back to films.” Another user humorously commented, “When Abarar met Radhe.”