SS Rajamouli Said YES! For Baahubali 3, Moment of Joy For Baahubali Fans

Yes its true! After the over whelming response from both parts of Baahubali, SS Rajamouli on tweeter declared a big YES. On tweeter he said:

Like I created more confusion instead of giving clarity..apologies..

Baahubali-3 is on cards…
But the story that’s written for the Two parts will not be dragged for the sake of it. This story will conclude with the second part itself.
Baahubali-3 will be done in a way that audience have never experienced films before. Hope that clarifies..

Baahubali has now became India’s biggest blockbuster movie and people are enjoying it a lot. In so many public reviews people expressed their excitement towards Baahbuali movie and the did not wanted Baahubali to end with only two parts, so here is the gift from SS Rajamouli.

These are the Rajamouli’s Tweets which are making people happy:

We hope he brings the third installment as soon as possible because the curiosity level of fans are on the top.