Swami Om Threw Water on Anchor’s Face and It is Disgusting!


This is totally ridiculous. Seems like Bigg Boss Season 10 has the worst contestants in the history of Bigg Boss. And Swami Om made is so sure that his name will be recorded in the history of Bigg Boss as the worst contestant. His behavior is completely strange. His strange behavior was not only limited to Bigg Boss house, it continues outside as well!


Swami Om has been in limelight since the moment he entered in the Bigg Boss House.

He has been such a person who never leaves a chance to annoy anyone. Well, his controversies are not just about Bigg Boss House. The reason he came into the house is because he slapped a woman on national TV.

He has been one of the worst contestant in the BB history. The things he has been doing was all nonsense. Since the day he has been eliminated he is saying all the stupid things. He has been going to the news channels and giving interviews and saying all the sickening things. He made allegations against the host of the show Salman Khan and makers of the show as well.

In an interview on a Radio channel, he called Priyanka Jagga his ‘Beti’.

In an interview with News World India accompanied by Priyanka Jagga, he threw the water on the face of the anchor. He threw water on the face of the reported who was trying to make him realize his mistakes.


Are you shocked? Well, there is nothing to be shocked about!

The reporter was trying to confront Swami Om and recalling his misdeeds on the show. He mentioned to Swami Om about his misbehavior with women, throwing pee at Bani. This made Swami Om so angry that he suddenly picked up the glass of water and threw it on the face of anchor.

Here is the video: