Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Hilarious Reason Why Robert De Niro Left Her Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro Wedding Chronicles: The Day Robert De Niro Made an Exit

In a recent Jan. 7 interview with E! News, Jennifer Lawrence candidly shared her wedding experiences, revealing that her rehearsal dinner became more enjoyable after Robert De Niro left. Describing her bridal journey as “awful” due to pre-wedding stress, Lawrence highlighted the pressure of ensuring everyone was having a good time. Recounting a moment at the rehearsal dinner, she observed De Niro, her “Joy” co-star, “wandering around,” prompting her to discreetly suggest he leave. Despite De Niro’s polite exit after chatting with her parents, Lawrence humorously insisted, “That just genuinely made me feel better.”

The “No Hard Feelings” star also recalled fretting over guests being cold, with friends reassuring her, “Nobody’s cold, everything’s fine.” However, Lawrence’s mom, Karen Lawrence, provided a blunt reality check, emphasizing the freezing weather and a near incident with her grandmother’s well-being.

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In October 2019, Lawrence tied the knot with art dealer Cooke Maroney at the Belcourt of Newport mansion in Rhode Island, attended by celebrities like Adele, Emma Stone, and Kris Jenner. Earlier that year, on Catt Sadler’s “Naked” podcast, Lawrence shared her laid-back wedding planning approach, noting she “hadn’t been neurotic” and simply chose a dress and venue that felt right. Despite not actively seeking marriage, Lawrence expressed readiness to “commit fully” to Maroney, underscoring their mutual desire to marry each other.