12 Indian Conversations That are Relatable And Will Make You Go ROFL!

Basically, we all are Indian and we have completely different life from usual foreign teenagers. 70% of Indians know that our society has a high level of hypocrisy and double standards. Some are real and some of them are just made up. Basically over the time we have become hypocrites because nobody passed the wisdom to us.

Here are some totally Indian conversations you all can relate to:


1. Because our relatives and neighbors are more concerned about out marriage than our own parents

2. The Moment of Truth! Basically you can’t say it out loud kyuki saamne vala bura maan jayega

3. These are fake ass lovers conversation (Many of you must have done this!)

4. The too much worked up and irritated girlfriends

5. When a guy outwit a girl like PRO!


And when the cousin you met 4 years ago doesn’t recognize you!


6. And almost every girl has faced one such CHIPKOO aashiq! And every guy has faces this :p


7. Trolling your girlfriend can be highly dangerous though!!


8. Mothers in digital age. But mothers are mothers, they are cute 🙂


9. When you realize the person you were avoiding is actually pretty dumb (The happiness gets no bounds)


10. Oh, shut up! You mom is not annoying, she loves you a lot.


11. And Indian mom can be smart as well! Basically, you cannot outsmart her!


12. Also, the irritating girlfriend and annoyed boyfriend

indianImages Source: Whatsapp Web