10 Things You Can Totally Relate to If You Have a Younger Sibling

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All of us have at least one such person in our life who irritates us like hell but we have to be with them. And there is no better example of this thing than having a younger sibling. We all have a love- hate relationship with our siblings. But there are many moments in life when you feel like, I wish I was the younger one. Though there are many advantages of being the elder one but at time it becomes the worst part.

And here comes some of the most relatable things you can understand if you have a younger sibling:

1. They are younger so they get super easy access to almost everything.


2. And it is not just about the easy access, they ALWAYS get better things than you. Trust me, this is by default!


3. That moments when you are about to put your favorite burger in your mouth and they suddenly gets hungry. Basically, you have to give up on your food for them which is actually the worst thing!


4. They are bossy AF! And most of the time you feel like, “Hey, you little creature, Why don’t you keep you stupid mouth shut??”


5. Oh wait! This is not enough. They have the greatest weapon called tears. Try to tell them they are wrong and you will get to know how evil they can be.


6. And how can we forget about the marriage? You are the one who have to marry first! And you are like, ‘Why always me???’


7. Plus, they are smart. Like very very smart. They have  the key to all your secrets! Which directly mean they can get whatever they want from you as well!


8. But you have to take care of them. Basically, you have no other option. From their school troubles to their sneak outs, you know how to raise they right!


9. And you better know what you have been through when there was no one else to help you. So, you help them anyway.


10. But no matter how much you fight with them, you love them the most!


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