We all know PM Modi is a PRO at outwitting people. From November 8th till December 31st, he totally kept people on their toes. The demonetization has already given many people nightmares. PM Modi knows how to keep people waiting till 7.30 PM on 31 December.


But what we were more shocked about is his 31st December speech. We all know, he loves the word “Mitron” but imagine him not using it in a speech. Yes, this is exactly what he did. When we all know the way he addresses people, he completely changed it.

PM Modi didn’t use the word “Mitron”, even once, in his speech.

And this what twitteratis has to say about it:

Because he know how to get rid of those who doesn’t like the idea of demonetization

Seems like somebody didn’t like it

And crying in the corner

And no one got those Rs. 31 shots in the speech! Turns out to be a spoiler!

Silence! I hope you were not one of them. JKL.

HAHAHAHA.. This one is fun! Demitronisation

But he was smart enough to replace the word with a synonym

Don’t kill me for this one, but this is funny! To all the bhakts