Bedtime Habits that you should follow

We often don’t pay much attention to the amount of sleep we get every day and as a result, are frustrated and tired throughout the day. Sometimes we sleep for 12 hours while other times we barely rest our eyes for 3 hours.

Binge-watching, social media, and online gaming are some of the main culprits that hinder with our sleeping routine. Nevertheless, this post is not about shunning those things to get optimum sleep. While you should be eliminating factors that keep you up at night, in this post we will discuss five bed time habits that will help you maintain your sleep cycle and be productive and creative.

Stop Spending All Day in Bed

When you are in your bed the entire time, your brain assumes that you are in the position of affording some rest and as a result,it makes you inactive. Whether you are reading, working, or playing, dedicate different places for all these things and. This way your brain understands when to take rest and when to remain productive.

Have Sleeping Clothes

Every men and women should buy a sleeping dress

You should have a few nightgows, trousers and tshirts that are specifically for sleeping. Make sure the clothes you are wearing to sleep is fresh and clean. When you put on your sleeping dress, your brain automatically puts you in a state of relaxation and your are less likely to spend your night staring at the roof.

Don’t Exercise at Night

Exercising gets your blood rushing to the brain and keeps your body active and ready to do things. If you are bound by time and can’t find time for exercising at any other time, try working out at least three hours before sleeping so your body settles down and is ready to rest.

Watch Out For Stress

While you can’t put an on and off switch on your stress, you could try to maintain and minimize it. If you feel too stressed, try meditation and yoga or consume stress-relieving beverages in your daily diet. Stress is one of the worst enemies of sleep and must be handled in order for the sleep cycle to be maintained.

Eat Right

Don’t go too hard on your dinner. Try eating less so that the body does not have to put in extra work to help break down the food. When you eat too heavy, your body gets to work extra so it could process the food and turn it into nutrients. And when your body is active, it is difficult for your mind to get to sleep.