5 Mindblowing Pieces of Grafitti in India And Where To Find Them

India has its fair share of street artists who bring together hard-hitting social commentary and incredible art skills to make the walls of India speak. Graffiti is a popular form of art that refers to paintings, writings, or drawings done on a wall or other surface areas without permission. Most graffiti artists work in silence and choose to remain under the radar for most of their lives. 

The dawn of social media, however, has brought many of these artists and art to daylight and we can’t help but appreciate the number of details and talent that goes into graffiti art. 

Here are five of the best graffiti arts in India and where to find them:

Tyler Street, Mumbai

Hoozinc, Hyderabad

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Guesswho, Kochi

Flyin Munki, Indore

A-KILL, Pondicherry