Cameron Diaz Breaks Silence on Jamie Foxx Controversy! ‘Back in Action’ Drama Revealed

Cameron Diaz is clearing the air about rumors surrounding her co-star Jamie Foxx during the making of their upcoming movie, ‘Back in Action‘. Diaz, who returned to Hollywood after almost a decade, spoke out against speculations that Foxx’s behavior was causing issues on set, even suggesting she might quit acting because of him.

What Cameron Diaz Said About Jamie Foxx Controversy

In an interview on Molly Sims’ Lipstick on the Rim podcast, Diaz expressed her frustration and anger at the false narrative circulating about Foxx. She emphasized that Foxx, despite facing a medical emergency while filming in April, was a thorough professional, and she had a great time working with him. Diaz defended Foxx, describing him as a cheerleader for the entire crew, and clarified that everyone loved working with him.

Diaz acknowledged that there were some challenges during production but insisted they were typical issues that arise during filmmaking. She declined to elaborate on the details, emphasizing it was not her place to discuss certain matters.

Regarding Foxx’s health scare, Diaz mentioned that he is now thriving. Foxx had previously shared on Instagram in July that he had been through a tough time but thanked fans for their support and prayers.

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Diaz and Foxx have a history of collaborations, with Back in Action being their third project together. Diaz posted on Instagram in June 2022 expressing her excitement about reuniting with Foxx for the film.

Back in Action, an action comedy featuring Foxx, Diaz, Glenn Close, Kyle Chandler, Andrew Scott, and Jamie Demetriou, is expected to be released on Netflix in 2024, although no official date has been announced.