Kiku Sharda & Kavita Kaushik Takes A Dig At Gurmeet Ram Rahim

It’s revenge time for Kiku Sharda after the court verdict on Gurmeet Ram Rahim aka MSG of sending him to jail for 20 years. If you don’t know the reason behind Kiku’s celebration then let us explain it to you guys. In 2016 Kiku Sharda was arrested just because he did a mimicry of the so called god, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insaan. Whole India was shocked with this unnecessary action taken by Ram Rahim.

Kiku Sharda Mimicry of Gurmeet Ram RahimSince now the rapist baba got jailed, everyone is laughing at Ram Rahim. The popular F.I.R actress and Kiku’s co-star, Kavita Kaushik sarcastically said this in her tweet.

“Aaj… Khush Toh Bohot Hogey Tum!” 

Kiku Shara also joined this celebration with his tweet:

It’s ok Kiku, you can spell his name now. 😀