REVEALED: The Man Behind The Fall of Kapil Sharma’s Show!

India’s favorite TV show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ was a treat to watch with the family. After the Color’s spat with Kapil Sharma, he relaunched his show in a new channel with a new name of The Kapil Sharma Show in April 2016. The previews show known as Comedy Nights With Kapil. Unfortunately, the show comes to an end recently because of Kapil’s health issue and the last show was aired on 20th of August 2017.

The Guy Responsible For All Mishappening:

Now everyone is blaming a single guy for the fall of Kapil Sharma’s show. After the huge fight between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover, when the key people of the show decided to left the show. Kapil Sharma appointed Rajiv Dhingra was appointed as the creative director of the Kapil Sharma show. Rajiv Dhingra is also directing Kapil Sharma’s upcoming film Firangi.

Rajiv Dhingra and Kapil Sharma

But somehow Rajiv couldn’t able to handle the team properly and that became the reason of delay in scripts and lack of coordination. According to the sources, old team members who left the show in March were not comfortable with Rajiv Dhingra and they don’t want to work with him but Kapil Sharma kept him.

I’m Not the Villain In Kapil Sharma’s Story – Rajiv Dhingra

Rajiv Dhingra Behind The Kapil Sharma Show Fail
Rahat Indori, Rajiv Dhingra and Kumar Vishwas

In defense, Rajiv Dhingra said:

“Now that The Kapil Sharma Show is terminated, at least for now, it is easy to make a scapegoat out of someone who is very close to Kapil. And I am very close to him. I am his childhood friend. We’ve grown up together and I’ve been with him from the beginning. It pains me to see fingers being pointed at me for the show being closed down.” 

He also Tweeted:

Don’t know what is the real reason behind the end of the show, but we pray for Kapil Sharma for a healthy life ahead and hope he will bring the show back with all his positive energy.

News Source: Spotboye, The Quint