These Indian Mom Tweets Are Something Every Indian Kid Can Relate to

Mothers are awesome but they automatically become most awesome if they are Indian mothers. Our mothers actually have some kind of super power in them. They can slay you just with their words. Basically, they are queens of sarcasm, quick wit and how can we forget about emotional blackmailing. If you have an Indian mom consider yourself lucky because you will not be feel ashamed of anything.

indian mom

Want to know the reason why?

Because she brings you to that level of shamelessness by making fun of you with her sarcasm that you completely forget about the word “SHAME”.

Well, let’s have a look at these Indian mom tweets that every Indian Kid can relate to:

Because their logics are bit quirky.

Shaadi is their biggest concern!

If Logan had been Indian

Well said bro!

*Sits in the corner till the rap stops*

Because machines can’t do what hands can

Me: Mom it’s TINDER nor TINDA
*Gets a flying chappel with speed of 190 km/h and cries in the corner*

Okay this is how she emotionally destroys us but I can’t watch her crying.

10 bje is the DEADLINE

Because clean bed sheet is way more important than being a criminal

LOGICS once again

I wish I had a better word than impossible!