10 Signs You Are In A Friendzone

Have you been wondering if you have a chance with your best friend? Sometimes, it feels like she really wants you and other times, you are completely out of the picture. Nevertheless, you have been persistence through the hot and cold because you see yourself with her/him in the near future. 

But what makes you so sure that she is interested in you and wants to pursue a relationship? Maybe you have been misreading all the signals and have led yourself into believing that he/she likes you. Here are a few signs that show you are in their friendzone and there is nothing you can do about it:

1. They are always telling you about the person they like. You know every one of their crushes and interests and none of them is you.

Friendzone Reason 1

2. When you try to flirt with them, they call you cute and laugh it off. You are never taken seriously in matters of the heart.

Friendzone Reason 2

3. When they have a fight with their partner, they run to you to find a shoulder to cry on.

Friendzone Reason 3

4. When they are with their partner, you tend to get forgotten.

Friendzone Reason 4

5. They call you their best friend but you find yourself playing the role of their partner, minus the sex.

Friendzone Reason 5

6. They try to hook you up with their friends. They get you to talk to other people in order to get you a partner.

Friendzone Reason 6

7. They don’t care how they look when they are with you. They don’t put special care in their appearances. When they are meeting you, they barely make an effort to dress up.

Friendzone Reason 7

8. They are too comfortable around you and there is nothing in the name of sexual tension from their side.

Friendzone Reason 8

9. They keep telling you that you can score better people than them and how they are not your type, even though you guys hang out together every day. 

Friendzone Reason 9

10. When you make plans with her, she brings all her mutual friends. 

Friendzone Reason 10

We hope you did not found any Friendzone signs in your relationship or you got Friend-zoned?

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