10 Basic Rules of Friendship

If one of us calls, the other will answer. We text each other all the time and a call means something important. We will drop what we are doing to receive each other’s calls.

Friend Needs Your Help!

Wherever we go, if we go together, we will leave together.

Friends never leave

No dating a friend’s ex.

Never date your friend's girlfriend

We make fun of each other in each other’s faces but never behind the back.

Never gossip about your friends

If a friend invites someone he is interested in to hang out with us, we would make sure we put up a great image of him/her in front of their interest. Our goal would be to make them look great while their interest is around.

do not fight with your friend's guest.

In a difficult situation, only one of us is allowed to panic, the other will be calming and optimistic. 

help your friend whenever they feel low.

Hate whoever our best friends hate.

Your friend's enemy is your enemy

All streaming services are shared.

sharing is caring

Beer is an acceptable way to pay back friends.

Buy a drink to your friend

Some things need no explanation. If a person has been through some difficulty and they are explaining a decision or behavior that is affected by the difficulty that is as far as it needs to go. 

Be with your friend in every situation