Adah Sharma Talks About Buying Sushant Singh Rajput’s House: “My Experience Visiting the Place…”

Actress Adah Sharma, known for her role in The Kerala Story, was reportedly considering buying a flat in Mumbai’s Mont Blanc Apartments, where the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput once lived. This caused quite a buzz among fans and the public back in August. Sushant Singh Rajput’s tragic death in 2020 shocked the nation, and his body was found in that apartment on June 14, 2020. Since then, the flat has remained empty. Adah has finally broken her silence about this matter.

Adah Sharma Expressed Her Feelings Visiting Sushant Singh Rajput’s House

In an interview with Siddharth Kanan, Adah said, “For now, I would just like to say that I live in everyone’s hearts. There is a right time to speak. When I had gone to see the place, I got overwhelmed with the media attention. I am a private person. I love being in the public eye for my movies, but I have always been private. I guard my privacy.”

Adah Sharma Talks About Checking Out Sushant Singh Rajput's House: "My Experience Visiting the Place..."

Adah Sharma Unhappy With The Trollers

Adah Sharma was saddened by some comments she saw about Sushant Singh Rajput when news broke about his apartment being sold online. She felt it was wrong to talk about someone who is no longer with us. “I also thought that it’s wrong to talk about someone who is not in this world, who has done such beautiful films. I don’t stand for that. He is an actor who I have great respect for, so I would like to put everything where he has his respect,” said Adah, adding, “I don’t like people loosely commenting… I didn’t like it. I read some comments about him. I mean, you can troll me but don’t troll someone who is not there or doesn’t have someone to speak about them. I will speak about where I live materialistically soon, but right now I am living in the hearts of millions of people, rent-free.”

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Details About Sushant Singh Rajput’s Apartment

The large duplex 4BHK apartment at Mont Blanc Apartments offers a stunning view of the sea and covers an area of 2,500 square feet, featuring a terrace. Situated on the sixth floor of Carter Road in Mumbai’s Bandra West, the apartment was advertised online by its real estate agent, Rafique Merchant, in December 2022, aiming to attract potential tenants or buyers.