Varun Dhawan Gets Angry at Ground Staff for Kicking Dog on Field During IPL Match – Watch Video

During a recent IPL match between Mumbai Indians (MI) and Gujarat Titans (GT), an unexpected intruder made its way onto the field – a dog. However, what followed was not a moment of light-hearted amusement, but rather one of distress and outrage.

Varun Dhawan’s Response To This Incident

Actor Varun Dhawan was among those who expressed their outrage over the incident. Sharing the video, Dhawan condemned the actions of the IPL ground staff, emphasizing that a dog shouldn’t be treated like a football. He further pointed out that the dog posed no threat or harm to anyone present, stressing the need for a more humane approach to handling such situations.

Varun Dhawan Gets Angry on IPL Staff for Kicking a Dog During a IPL Match

Criticisms of Animal Abuse

The incident was captured on video and shared on social media, drawing sharp criticism towards the treatment meted out to the canine invader. The Instagram account of ‘Street Dogs Of Bombay’ shared the footage, highlighting the distressing scenes of the IPL security and ground staff resorting to kicking the dog to remove it from the ground. This sparked a conversation on the unfortunate reality of unchecked animal abuse.

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Celebrity Condemnations

Dhawan wasn’t alone in his condemnation. Siddhanth Kapoor, brother of actress Shraddha Kapoor, also voiced his dismay at the treatment of the dog. Kapoor denounced not just the actions of the ground staff but also highlighted the disturbing response from spectators, who were witnessed laughing at the distress of the animal.

Kapoor’s statement underscored a broader concern about the state of humanity in contemporary society, where acts of cruelty are met with amusement rather than empathy. The incident served as a stark reminder of the need for compassion towards all living beings.

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Updates on Varun Dhawan’s Work

Amidst the condemnation of the IPL incident, attention also shifted to Varun Dhawan’s professional endeavors. The actor is currently involved in multiple projects, including ‘Citadel Hunny Bunny’ alongside Samantha Ruth Prabhu and ‘Baby John,’ produced by Atlee and Murad Khetani, and directed by Kalees. These updates provided a segue from the distressing incident to Dhawan’s ongoing commitments in the entertainment industry.

Through their responses to the incident, Dhawan, Kapoor, and others brought attention to the importance of empathy and compassion, not just in the context of animal welfare but in broader societal interactions as well.