Creative Ravana in Delhi for Dussehra Festival

You might have seen 3 headed Ravana or ten headed Ravana, which is normal in India but in this list you will see some of the hilarious and creative Ravana from Delhi.

People in Delhi made this celebrated Dussehra in a different style. watch it below

1. The Techi Ravana

Apple wala Ravana

2. The DJ wale Babu

DJ wala Ravana

3. The Dulha (Groom) is Ready

Dulha (Groom) wala Ravana

4. He Did Some Workout This Time

6 pack abs wala Ravana

5. SWAG Wali Topi Meri SWAG Wali Topi

SWAG wala Ravana

6. This time he came on his BMW

BMW wala Ravana

7. He got the looks and a Harley too

Cruiser (Bullet) wala Ravana

Dont know on what level Delhi will come up next year.