Superwoman a.k.a. Lily Singh and PeeCee Just Told Us So BFF Things


Priyanka Chopra is someone who can do anything flawlessly. And yes, she proved it yet another time. Okay, let’s talk about how and what best friends are. Priyanka Chopra along with Lily Singh literally slayed it.

Seems like 2016 is all about Rio, Jio, Demonetization and Priyanka Chopra. (Rio and Jio, I read it somewhere though)


Lily Singh a.k.a Superwoman gave us so many reasons to laugh about but this time she came up with Piggy Chops and I am loving it!

And let’s talk about how you get along with your drunk heart broken friend? Probably you try to comfort them or try to hook them up with someone. But Lily and Priyanka’s style is completely different.  After all, they are Punjabis.

And the video is called, How to be a Good Wing Woman‘ uploaded by Lily Singh. And it is featuring Priyanka Chopra and she literally nailed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeeaaahhhh! And PeeCee literally slayed the ‘famous girl with broken heart’ role. And Lily Singh like every BFF becomes her ‘wing man/ wing woman/ wing person.. Ahhhh whatever’! Because she herself gets confused and then there is that one person.

And the best part is how Lily tries to hook up her heat broken drunk friend with the hot-shot white guy. Plus, the best part was all the Punjabi vibes. Seems like Punjabi-ness was just in the air. And you just can’t miss the Punjabi flow in the video. And you will get awesome ideas to pickup guys for your best friend. Lily taught us a three steps procedure that, I am super sure, you would love. So, go check them out. *Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

I don’t know why am I so excited. But I am! Plus the video is trending on #38 on YouTube so you would love it!

Check out the video: