A R Rahman Re-Arranged Lyrics of classic ‘Urvasi’ and it is AMAZING!


We all heard Rahman’s classic Humma song being destroyed but it is not about every time. A R Rahman re-imagined the lyrics of his cult classic ‘Urvasi Urvais’ and he literally nailed it!


He sung the song in MTV’s show Unplugged. Basically, Rahman added only three new lines which only Tamil people can understand.

But don’t worry, let me tell you the lines he have added and the meaning.

“Ainooru ruba sellama pona, take it easy policy” (If the Rs. 500 note becomes useless, take it easy policy).
“Donald Trump president aana, take it easy policy” (If Donald Trump becomes president, take it easy policy).


Rahman asked people almost a month ago to add some funk into his classic:

A month later he announced that the song is done!

And the new song includes Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Demonetization as well. Wanna hear the song?

Check it out here:



I loved the song and I am dead sure you will also like it. Though the song is in Tamil but music doesn’t have any language.

“The most beautiful thing about art is that it belongs to everyone and crowdsourcing is a great way to get newer audiences to connect. It was a fabulous experience and what we’ve got is some interesting stuff filled with references to current events which is just as vibrant as the original one!”, the maestro added.