Traveling makes your soul happy, they say. I guess it is a hundred thousand per cent true! And those who never travel reads just one page of the book called life. But those who travel but never explore skip some pages. Though it is good to skip some pages but while missing those pages we miss out on many things. If you are a traveler, you must explore different places.

So if you call yourself a traveler and go to all the must visit places and misses out on the unexplored ones, then you should change your perspective a bit. India has a lot of unexplored place to visit.

So here are 7 unexplored places in India that every traveler should visit:

1. Assam


They call north east India the un-ruined beauty. And there is a reason behind it. All the north eastern states are extremely beautiful. The best unexplored places to visit for a traveler in Assam are Majuli and Manas National Park.

2. Gujarat


Gujarat is city of merchants. Gujarat is not just about the Garba and Navratri, it is much more. The must visit places include Champaner and Patan.

3. Karnataka


Not only Goa but Karnataka is a places where some of the best beaches are found in India. Gokarna is one of them. Halebid which is called the ruined beauty. Shivanasamudram, Savandurga, Shivagange are some of the places where you must visit in Karnataka.

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4. Arunachal Pradesh


Another state from north east which is full of serenity and peace. There is no off beat season. You can visit anytime of the year. The most famous places are Ziro and Tawang.

5. Madhya Pradesh


The water falls, ancient temples and much more. You will find many things in Madhya Pradesh. Bhembetka, Mandu, Bhedaghat are the places you must visit.

6. Meghalaya


Mawsaynram, Laitlum Canyon are the places you should visit in Meghalaya. It is another north eastern states which is full of beauty. And the best part is this place is so much peaceful!

7. West Bengal


Generally, Bengal is known for its congestion but you won’t believe some the places in West Bengal are just amazing. Kalimpong, Shantiniketan and Bishnupur are the must visit places.