Kushal Tandon Tweeted Something About Bani and This How Her Fans Gave it Back


Bani J is one of the most popular contestants of Bigg Boss Season 10. And yes many people like her. Although Bigg Boss house members doesn’t like her much but her fans are already giving her much love. She hardly has friends in Bigg Boss house except Gaurav Chopra and Manu Punjabi.


And the reason behind not liking her is probably her straight-forward and blunt nature. But her fans love her more than anything for her nature. And they proved that they will be by her side. So they prove it yet another time.

Recently, Kushal Tandon, ex- boyfriend of Bani’s best friend Gauhar Khan, tweeted something about Bani. But her fans smashed him badly!

This is what Kushal Tandon tweeted:


Well, Kushal this is rude, very rude!

But her fans didn’t spare him. This is how they replied him:

Harsh enough?

No fucks given

Well. This is unexpected.

Is it?

Yes! Because she is strong enough

Hahaha! Someone said this!

OMG! Bani-phobics are surely lame