Salman Khan To Boycott The Grand Finale Of Bigg Boss! WHAT?


Salman Khan has been a part of Bigg Boss since it is started. There were times when he tried to leave the show but he came back every time. And we all know that he hates drama and nonsense. Beside all the controversies, we all know Salman Khan is a man of principles.

Imagine, what would Bigg Boss look like if he would stop hosting Bigg Boss. Hard to imagine?

Bigg Boss

Obviously it is. He has something in him, his personality, his attitude, the way he talk and the way he carries himself is utterly unique. And this is the reason many people watch Bigg Boss.

Nobody can deny the fact that this season has been full of controversies. From Priyanka Jagga to so “called” Swami Om, so many things happened. And when Priyanka Jagga and Swami Om were evicted, Salman Khan clearly said, he will not work if anyone of them will come to the house again.

And it seems like he was not just saying it. The finale of Bigg Boss is just a week away and the controversies are increasing. Salman is extremely disappointed this time the reason being Om Swami and Priyanka Jagga.

According to the source, the big news is that Om Swami and Priyanka Jagga might be attending the finale of Bigg Boss. And as Salman said, “I will never work with Colors if these two will ever come to my show”, he might quit the show.

Salman Khan already warned the channel about not inviting them to the finale but the channel wants to invite them. And according to the sources, Salman will boycott the grand finale and will not shoot it, if Swami Om will come on the show.

Though it not sure but there are chances. Let’s see what Colors decide. And if Om Swami comes to the show, we are sure there will be a high voltage drama.