What if Baahubali was made in Bollywood

Wonder if Baahubali will be made in Bollywood, who will play the role of Baahubali and Katappa?. We decided to do a Bollywood casting for this epic movie and selected some of justifying actors according to the roles. check out which Bollywood actor/actress fits to various characters of Baahubali. #BollywoodCasting

Amarendra Baahubali: Hritik Roshan

Prabhas played the role of Armarendra Baahubali, which was loved and appreciated by everyone. when it comes to a bollywood remake of Baahubali, there is only one name that fits to Armarendra Baahubali role and that is Hritik Roshan.

casting for Bahubali for bollywoods bahubali

Bhallal Deva: John Abraham

Bhallal Deva’s role was played by Rana Daggubati. For the role of Bhallal Deva we needed a muscular man and right now only John Abraham can give justice to this role.

casting for Bhallal Dev for bollywoods bahubali

Avanthika: Deepika Padukone

Avanthika’s role was originally played by Tamannaah. Avanthika’s role was both soft and bold in the movie. In bollywood Deepika Padukone is the only choice for this role because she previously did a similar role in Bajirao and Ramlila.

casting for avantika for bollywoods bahubali

Bijjaladeva: Paresh Rawal

We chose Paresh Rawal for the role of Bijjaladeva because he is an excellent actor and according to us he can fulfill the requirement of this role with his unique acting skills. Bijjaladeva’s role was played by Nassar.

casting for Bijjaladeva for bollywoods bahubali

Maharani Devasena: Vidya Balan

Maharani Devasena was played by Anushka Shetty and we chose Vidya Balan for this role to match up the strong image of Maharani Devasena.

casting for Devsena for bollywoods bahubali

Katappa: Puneet Issar

Sathyaraj played the role of Katappa, which was the most talkative role of Bahubali movie. It was hard for us to find the face of Katappa from Bollywood but we think Puneet Issar will be the best option for this role.

casting for kattappa for bollywoods bahubali

Kalakeya: Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Kalakeya the villain of Baahubali movie was played by Prabhakar and in Bollywood we think Nawazuddin Siddiqui can do justice to this role but he has to put on some weight maybe. 😛 or he can do it with his lean body too, after all he is a great actor.

casting for Kilkilli for bollywoods bahubali

Sivagami: Rekha

Sivagami the strongest character of Baahubali was played by Ramya Krishnan. according to us Rekha is a best choice for this role.

casting for Shivagamini for bollywoods bahubali

That’s it guys. Hope guys you’ll like this Bollywood casting for Baahubali. Do share your views or your characters in the comment section.

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We are going do some more Bollywood Casting post in future, so keep in touch. 🙂